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Santa Barbara Web Design, Web Development, and Business Automation

We build awesome websites and automate repetitive tasks.

Need a stunning website that search engines love? Want to let a computer do the repetitive business tasks that annoy you? We're here to help with all that.

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We work with

  • Service Companies
  • Restaurants
  • Pet Groomers
  • Seasonal Businesses
  • Gyms

We'll help you get noticed, get organized, and get time back.

A macbook pro with Airtable in the browser

If you move data around or perform tasks that feel the same with different data, there's a great chance a computer can do that for you.

So who are we?

We're Angela and Stetson. Together we've built both a residential painting company called Great Plains Painting and a holiday lighting company called Tis the Season Holiday Lighting. We use the very same tools we'll help you with in those businesses to:

  1. Not forget important things (computers are great at not forgetting things)
  2. Delight our customers with our responsiveness and accuracy
  3. Free up our time so that we can focus on what's next or have a little fun and not work ALL THE TIME

We're on the west coast of the USA in Santa Barbara, CA (Pacific Time Zone) and we'd love to talk to you.

We're good with these tools

At the end of the day, tools are just tools. Your objective is likely able to be met with a number of different tools. We start with goals or objectives, and then find the minimum number of tools necessary to meet those. Below are some of our favorite tools, but we're able to work with a great many more.

  • Astro

    for: Website Developement

    A super cool new static site generator. We love it for websites that update with data on occasion. No more Wordpress here!

  • 11ty

    for: Website Developement

    By far our favorite static site generator. Builds super speedy sites and does everything you'd want a website builder to do. Great for sites that don't change much.

  • Javascript

    for: Website Developement / App Integration

    Maybe your website needs some data or some cool custom features. We've got your back with JS.

  • Airtable

    for: Data

    We use Airtable to manage data and connect that data to various apps. It's a wonderful tool that get's better and better.

  • Zapier

    for: Workflows / Integrations

    Have a process to automate? Need your apps to talk to each other? Zapier can help with that.

  • Pipedream

    for: Workflows / Integrations

    Pipedream is similar to Zapier, but more powerful. Say you've got a custom workflow you need to build and it doesn't quite fit in the zapier box. We can build it with Pipedream.

  • NodeJS

    for: Workflows / Integrations

    NodeJS is a programming language (Javascript more or less) that allows us to write custom code in Pipedream or other tools for custom integrations.

  • Quickbooks Online

    for: Billing / Invoicing / Payments

    Chances are you may be using Quickbooks already. We've got lots of experience automating some common workflows in Quickbooks to save you some time.

So how can we help you out?

Web Design

We love building websites. You're running an amazing business, and your place on the web should represent your awesome-ness.

If you're interested in web design or us building you a new site or landing page, we are extremely flexible. We can fit our services into whatever your needs might be including:

  • add content or make tweaks to your existing tech
  • create new pages or separate landing pages to push traffic to
  • build a high performance site with Astro or Eleventy keeping your existing design
  • start from the ground up with a fresh design and a 🔥⚡ new site

We'll figure out your exact needs on our first call, make 1 or 2 iterations on those, and the process begins!

A macbook pro with Airtable in the browser
A macbook pro with Airtable in the browser

Data Management

You might be in the situation we've found ourselves in before. You have customer data, but it's in many different apps or places. We can help with a database solution.

We'll look at implementing a main data source that all your apps can get correct data from.

  • Planning - First, we'll have a call to look at how you're organized now and where the pain points are.
  • Analyze - Now that we know what you're working with we can see if there are solutions that might be more efficient / easier for you to manage and make recommendations
  • Design - We come up with the general design of your data structure (what software engineers call a "schema") and present you with our plan
  • Implementation - Lastly we build and integrate the systems

Once built, we'll show you how the systems work and run a test period. During the test period we hunt down 🐛s and make sure things work as expected.

Custom Integrations

As a business, there's no greater leverage than using computers to complete repetitive tasks. Computers are always on the clock, never forget, and can reliably perform functions to save you time & money.

There exist an overwhelming number of apps businesses can use on today's internet. We can help you pick and connect the apps so you have reliable systems that work for you!

  1. Data systems like Airtable
  2. Communication tools like TextMagic
  3. Accounting / Payment software like Quickbooks
  4. Many others. If you have a need, there is likely software for it

We can integrate these tools creating custom workflows. When you do something in one tool, data is sent to another tool so it can do something. Workflows are powerful, and can save your business a great deal of time and effort.

A macbook pro with Airtable in the browser

So, let's talk